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Realities of an Indian Concrete Jungle

One of the greatest gifts a woman is blessed with is her sense of empathy. A woman can feel the yearn of others, the pain of others, and the stride of others.

I classify myself as a travelling woman - willing to see the world at any cost, even if that comes with a sinking heart. Travelling the world is eye opening because the level of empathy that is often attributed to women travels with you, regardless of where you are.

On my travels, I witness heartbreak, struggle, triumph and honest attempt - traits that I find in people who try to get by day by day. I also feel anger at those who control an impoverished society by ignoring the hardships of its people’s, for the benefit of its outer appearance.

Travel makes me think and makes me realize. It makes me empathetic. It makes me stronger. It makes me want to change the world. It makes me want to change perspective.

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