5 Podcasts Female Entrepreneurs Must Listen To

By: Emily Coppella, Editor at Ignite Magazine

We have the ability to simply carry our cellphones in our pockets, but now we can store our business plans there as well. A relatively new tool exists for business women in order to enhance not only their businesses, but also their personal growth while being mobile—it’s called the podcast.

Although similar to a radio show, podcasts consist of not only digital audio files, but video files as well. While iTunes is the main reference for these podcasts, there are many other accessible platforms available to take advantage of. Navigating the array of women in business-related podcasts can seem daunting but this short review is sure to entertain, and inspire any professional.

She Means Business with Carrie Green

Carrie Green is the founder of The Female Entrepreneur Association International, an online resource dedicated to empowering women in their business endeavors. This online community supplements her podcast that focuses on interviewing women in the depths of the business world.

What’s so poignant throughout Green’s podcast is the way she combines personal stories with business strategies. Some of her podcasts include interviews with Jessica Nazaral, founder of the IT Girl Academy, entitled, “From Quarter Life Crisis to 7 Figure Business.”

With Michelle Rohr, Green discusses the tendency for people to live the same life every year, which pushed her to question herself and see what she can do differently over time. Through the online platform Green has created, and the podcast, she has created a welcoming and empowering environment to connect the business leaders of today and tomorrow.

The Sheroic Podcast with Cassey Ho and Lisa Bilyeu

The Sheroic Podcast is a relatively new podcast created by Cassey Ho and Lisa Bilyeu. Cassey Ho is the founder and CEO of Blogilates, the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube. Lisa Bileyu is an entrepreneur and founding member of the billion dollar company, Quest Nutrition.

Described on the besheroic.com website, http://besheroic.com this podcast is a, “a smart, raw and thought-igniting show co-hosted by two powerhouse female entrepreneurs and real life friends.” This podcast is unique in the way it presents itself as a dynamic conversation between two women in business. Listeners are able to actively participate in this female-driven community through the Sheroic blog and by sending in questions to be answered live on Facebook.

Filled with advice, debate and controversy, the Sheroic Podcast tackles issues related to women in general such as episodes like “Dieting to Destruction,” and “What Your Styles Says About You.”

In a clever way, these entrepreneurs blend fashion and dating into a talk about “femtrepreneurs” and deadlines. Whether you’re a student struggling with stress, or interested in becoming a “Social Media Powerhouse” like iJustine, this is a great podcast to tune into.

Lady Business Radio with Jessica Kupferman

This podcast gives its audience a taste of many different top women entrepreneurs through it’s lively, thought-provoking interviews. Jessica Kupferman is a business strategist and podcast talent agent who uses humor to produce not only valuable but also relatable content.

Lady Business Radio does not simply share advice through interviews with women in business, but explores the lifestyle of the business owners themselves. What’s great about this podcast is Kupferman’s wide focus. Her topics range from technology to parenting, money, and health.

In one episode entitled, “Billions and Back,” Kupferman interviews Tracy Matthews about how the custom jewelry business she built up—to make over one million dollars in sales — fell into bankruptcy, and then was re-built from the ground up. This is a great podcast to sample different growth and success stories in order to inspire your own journey.

Jessica Kupferman is also the co-host and cofounder of the She Podcasts brand. She Podcasts nurtures women’s voices through the podcast platform, a great resource for any woman looking to explore the podcast platform themselves. With over 150 interviews, you’re bound to find several episodes that cater to what you want (or more specifically- need) to hear.

Profit, Power, Pursuit with Tara Gentile

Hosted by Tara Gentile and produced by CreativeLive, this podcast focuses on cultivating successful small businesses. It was named #1 of 24 exceptional women-hosted podcasts for entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2017. This podcast provides direct advice, perfect for developing a concrete plan for any business.

Topics include advice for those looking to make themselves heard in a concentrated industry or for those interested in improving public speaking skills through an interview with Dr. Michelle Mazur. Tara Gentile has created a powerful space where James Victoire explains, “Listening to Your Audience,” and April Bowles-Olin discusses “Hiring Your First Team Member.”

Being Boss: Mindset, Habits, Tactics, and Lifestyle for Creative Entrepreneurs with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

The Being Boss podcast caters specifically to creative entrepreneurs, and shares with its listeners what it means to live as a “boss.” This no-nonsense duo speaks bluntly and articulately about the struggles and successes of being a female entrepreneur. Thompson and Shannon summarize use their podcast to advocate for living out one’s values in all areas of  life.

“Being Boss in work and life, is being in it. It’s being who we are, doing the work, breaking some rules, and even though we each have to do it on our own – knowing we’re in it together.”

Combining interviews with people from the business world and their own dynamic conversation, these women are a team that truly expose tactics for success. In one episode, Thompson and Shannon discuss passive income, explaining how the concept of increasing your bank account while you sleep is truly feasible. In Episode 143, “Dealing with Burnout,” the duo share strategies for handling workloads such as breaking down tasks into extremely small actions, to how the discovery of some of your best marketing plans may happen while on a flight.

While these five podcasts are phenomenal, they are only a sample of the infinite wealth of resources available to women on this platform. By exploring your own passions, goals, or weaknesses, you can find a podcast that honours and enhances your business. From more niche-related markets such as the Yoga Crush with Suzanne Moscovitch podcast for yoga entrepreneurs to the larger feminist-based podcasts such as Stuff Mom Never Told You, podcasts are gaining popularity for a reason.

Technology can help improve businesses, but podcasts show that it can also inspire them. This platform can be accessed simply from a mobile phone, making a lunchtime-walk or trip on public transit the perfect time to get inspired. Podcasts make productivity possible—even for the woman who’s always on the go.

Podcasts are having a global impact simply through plugging in some earphones. So maybe it’s time to play a podcast rather than your usual song playlist, and who knows, your business might thank you for it.