FUSE Marketing Group: FUSE-ing Digital and Experiential Marketing

By: Julia Weatherdon, Senior Executive at Carleton University Women in Business

Over the past few years we have seen a major shift in the number of women in business. More women are starting their own businesses and holding top executive positions in corporations. FUSE Marketing Group is a marketing firm based in Toronto, Ontario that specializes in providing creative content and strategies for their clients, and where there is no shortage of intelligent women on their executive team.

So want to know how you can be successful in marketing yourself? Keep reading to find out.

When faced with a new opportunity, we want to make sure that we are hitting all the necessary criteria in our minds. Women who are looking to be successful in the field of marketing should be hardworking and have a strong work ethic. You will not succeed if you do not put in the effort and do things that you may not want to from time to time.

I spoke with Aleena Mazhar, the director of experiential marketing at FUSE Marketing Group.

Mazhar recommends ensuring that you think through what you want, where you want to go and what your values are, and make sure that they align in whatever endeavor you choose. Lastly, taking risks and having those difficult conversations can be extremely beneficial to your success. Taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone can lead to great opportunity and greater rewards.

If you are looking to get into the field of marketing, here are some techniques that will help you to excel in your career and effectively aid your client.

Firstly, do your research. It is important to do extensive research to gain insight and help you to better serve your client. Secondly, identify the problem. Be able to identify what the business problem is so you can solve it accordingly. Thirdly, solve the problem. After identifying what the problem is, you should be able to solve the problem based on your research. It is extremely crucial to be able to know how to take data and analyze it to solve a business problem.

However, in a society where consumers are constantly evolving, the field of marketing needs to adapt in order to continue to reach its target markets. So where is the field of marketing now and where is it going in the future? The industry has been making the shift towards digital because it provides real time information.

“Everyone’s looking digital [marketing] first because it’s cost effective, quick and in real time. Experiential [marketing] isn’t going anywhere because they need the one-on-one relationship,” Mazhar said.

Social media is a powerful tool to marketers in targeting a specific demographic at the right time and in the right location, while simultaneously allowing them to receive feedback right then and there. Digital marketing is both efficient and effective and we will be seeing more of it in the near future. Although, digital marketing will not be taking over completely because experiential marketing engages with consumers directly and is still very much a preference to firms.

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