To Be Such a Beautiful Girl

 Preappy via Getty Images

Preappy via Getty Images

A Poem By Emily Coppella, Carleton University

Pretty girl, a precious angel

The “ou’s” and “aw’s” spring out like wildfire

And the heat warms the baby girl

Like an endless matchstick

She is applauded

To be such a beautiful girl


And her Barbie’s made-up eyes

Unblinking at her

Still tell her what to do

And she likes to play with the blonde one

Because it is more fun

To be such a beautiful girl


Her school is full of eyes

And they look like her old Barbie’s

They too, smell of plastic and paint

And she wants to peel off the wrapping

Instead she is considered

Like an unknown Christmas gift

She is talked about and evaluated

She is stared at and prodded

Only valued for the end result

To be such a beautiful girl


Because once she loves reading and listening to music

She is given makeup for Christmas

And told to fix her hair

And grabbed by family members

Who like to see how she has grown up

To be such a beautiful girl


And she lies in her bed

With nothing in her heart

Because she has put everything on her body

And there’s nothing in her head

Because it’s marinating

In thoughts about her nail polish chipping

And she wonders why it is so hard

To be such a beautiful girl


So she scratched off her nail polish

And she brushed out the curls

She took off her heels

That dug into her ankles like a knife against the back

She ignored the treadmill and favored the bath

And at last



She got to relax

And she realized that it was only up to herself

To decide

To be such a beautiful girl